Wish your Customers a Happy Birthday

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Varduhi Tananyan


E-commerce & Retail
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Making customers feel appreciated should be the primary objective of every business. It is a unique occasion to express gratitude towards your customers.

Sending birthday wishes is not only a nice gesture but also an incredible way to boost your customer retention.

Now let's discuss "How the workflow works."

Our workflow consists of 2 emails, a web push notification, and an SMS.

The workflow starts with the "Added to segment" trigger. If the value of the "contactBirthday" variable is the current day, then the contact will automatically be added to the segment precisely on the day of the customer's birthday.

As soon as the contact is added to the segment, your customer will receive an email template and an SMS wishing them a happy birthday. A happy birthday email is sent to your customers on their date of birth. In addition, they receive a 20% discount code to use for their next purchase, valid only for 14 days. This is a useful technique for businesses to foster customer loyalty and boost revenue.

With the following step, the platform will wait 3 days and check whether the email is clicked on and the offer has been claimed. If it's true, then no further actions are required. Otherwise, the customer will get a Web push notification, which lets them know there is still time to claim their special gift.

Then the platform will wait 11 days, and the same check-up process will be repeated. If the customer misses the previous messages, a last-chance reminder will be sent to close the discount offer. 

Please consider opt-in to the "Allow multiple subscribe" field to let the contact re-enter this workflow every year.