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Alla Chernenko
June 2, 2020
Military Level Protection of Your Database

Military Level Protection of Your Customer Contact Database

Cybersecurity risk is unavoidable, but a sensitive data breach does not have to be.
As more and more companies are encouraging their employees to work from anywhere, on any device, data loss prevention (DLP) has evolved from an option to a requirement. 
At Wooxy we have been dealing with the businesses which are concerned about their sensitive database the most, such as educational, healthcare and financial institutions, as well as iGaming and iGambling industries. This required us to take reasonable precautions to protect our Customers’ Data from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.
To stand out from the rest of leading marketing solutions, we’re the first platform, which provides a way to limit unathorized access to sensitive data even for own employees. We apply a Role-based access control (RBAC) method, allowing to control the network access based on the roles of individual users within an enterprise. Our internal security tools let your employees have database access rights only to the information they need to do their jobs and prevent them from accessing information that doesn’t pertain to them. Moreover, there are no means to make unauthorized copies of sensitive data, export or even make screenshots.


It is designed with a seamless, protected user experience in mind:
  • The access to your data  is based on permissions rather than restriction. 
  • The objective is to deliver simple and frictionless access of your team members to enterprise contact list, database development and management without compromising security. 
  • The permissions allow you to manage your Contacts in Contact List, view message content in Email Log, view/export contacts in the Contact list / Email log / Export files, export Email Log and enjoy about 40 other permissions. 
Once you switch to Wooxy, consider the following simplified three-steps while assigning access to your Data:
1. Analyze your workforce and create roles
You need to group your workforce members into roles with common access needs.  Avoid the temptation to have too many roles defined. Keep them as simple and stratified as possible.
2. Assign people to roles
Now that you have a list of roles and their access rights, figure out which role(s) each employee belongs in, and set their access accordingly. 
3. Audit
Periodically review your roles, the employees assigned to them, and the access permitted for each. If you discover, for example, that a role has unnecessary access to your Data, change the role and adjust the access level for all employees in that role. 
Alla Chernenko avatar
Alla Chernenko

Alla Chernenko is a marketing professional with a broad spectrum of experience in global projects. Her extensive knowledge and unique insights shine through in her contributions to the Wooxy blog. She offers valuable content for readers, keeping them updated on the latest marketing trends and strategies.