Special offer for EV owners

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Varduhi Tananyan


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Once a business is established, one of the most significant operational hurdles is attracting customers. While providing excellent service can help retain customers, it is not sufficient on its own. In order to distinguish themselves and succeed, businesses require loyal customers. Offering special deals can be an effective strategy for businesses to expand their customer base and build loyalty.

Let's imagine you own an electric car service company.  This workflow is designed to provide customers with a free diagnostic offer as a special promotion to increase customer loyalty and grow the business.

It starts with the “Added to segment” trigger. After being added to the segment the platform will send the first email that will give them information about the free diagnostic offer. Following this, the platform will wait 5 days and check whether the contact opened the email. If the answer is no the platform will send a Telegram message. After 4 days from the Telegram message, the SMS will be sent whether the contact didn’t open the previous message.