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Hayk Hayrapetyan
November 2, 2018
Strategy to Promote Fundraising Events

An Easy Strategy to Promote your Fundraising Event

Your fundraising event is ready to go: you’ve booked the venue and sorted through most of the logistics. Now it’s time to advertise it. More RSVPs mean more donations from your fundraising efforts, so don’t skimp on your event promotion. Email Marketing should be at the core of your event promotion strategy. 

These strategy tips from will help to have your guest list packed with enthusiastic supporters in no time.

Remember: most of your supporters and donors should hear about your fundraising a couple of times before they commit to appear, so plan to send at least a three-part email scenario.

  1. Event Announcement – Ask people to save the date and spread the word. Create call-to action buttons linking to google calendar and forwarding the message. Provide options for sharing the information via social media channels.
  2. Event Reminder – When you have more of the event logistics ready, send an email highlighting the main attractions of your fundraiser. Make your target group want to come. Sneak peek images or short videos from preparation process, names of the featured guests, artists, speakers, even the menu specials may raise the desire to attend.
  3. Last-Chance Email – Boost the last-minute RSVPs by creating a sense of urgency. The number of last available tables/places and the final opportunity to book can have magical effect. 

Note: all your emails must be short and sweet, focusing on  a picture, paragraph, and call-to-action. More details can be provided on your event landing page.

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Hayk Hayrapetyan

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