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Hayk Hayrapetyan
December 5, 2018
Best Email Campaign Ideas for the Holidays

Best Email Campaign ideas for this Holiday Season

The busy 2018 holiday season started! It means the time has come for record sales and donations. Here are a few Christmas email promotion ideas from Wooxy to boost your holiday sales and stand out instead of blending into the sea of holiday discounts and free shipping:

  • 12 Days Giveaway Campaign. The promotion allows some of your free users to try out samples of the premium product that you offer on your site (along with getting other fun goodies). This may increase your Traffic on average by about 20-30%.
  • Buy1-Give1 Promotional Campaign. Instead of BUY1GET1, try the BUY1GIVE1 concept. Every time you make a sale, you give back to a cause that resonates with your team and your clients. This ‘gift of giving’ concept ties in perfectly with Christmas – the season of giving. Customers absolutely love how easy it is to be a part of a giving community just by frequenting your business.
  • Give a Gift Card/ a Gift Promo-Code with Purchase. Large business have the privilege of offering their own products as a gift, whereas startups and small business are more than welcome to include in their email campaigns, for example, Starbucks or other franchise gift cards/promo-codes along with their own products and services.
  • Run a Holiday-Focused Drip Campaign. Your strategy can be an email drip campaign with the theme “12 Deals of Christmas” To go into more granular details, you would have separate automated drip campaigns depending on what your clients have purchased in the past. This can be achieved through a number of Analytic and Automation tools.
  • Pay Special Attention to Holiday Keywords. One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing Google Trends to figure out new keywords that can really jump start holiday campaigns. If you’re able to associate core keywords with trending terms, you will likely be able to get more Opens and consuming Clicks.

Bonus Tip: one great Christmas promotion idea to promote your business is offering a holiday guide to your customers that reflects your brand. It doesn’t have to center on your product; more customers will appreciate gift giving suggestions or holiday suggestions that they can apply in general. You can come up with a theme that centers both on holiday traditions and on your product or service.

Hayk Hayrapetyan avatar
Hayk Hayrapetyan

Hayk Hayrapetyan, the founder and CEO of Wooxy, shares his insights and expertise on a variety of topics. With a wealth of experience and a clear vision, Hayk provides valuable guidance on marketing strategies, operating a successful bootstrapped startup, team management, and product management.