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Hayk Hayrapetyan
September 20, 2018
Email Marketing is Alive

Email Marketing is alive! It’s a statistical proof

There are so many ways to reach out to customers nowadays, but why Email Marketing? Is it still efficient to send emails and expect customers to converse?

The statistics confirm that far from being dead, Email Marketing is alive, well, and increasingly relevant for you to reach your preferred audiences.

Have you ever wondered how many emails we send every year? According to the Communicator Email Benchmark Report 2017, it’s about 75 trillion emails, and with each year, the numbers go up.

The latest Radicati Group Email Statistics Report states that email users send and receive over 280 billion emails every day. And in 5 years, this number will increase to 333 billion. sends over 20 million emails on a daily basis, and we are not even industry monsters.

Over 85% of Americans consider emails an inseparable part of their everyday life. According to Adestra, 75% of US teenagers use email, despite the rise of social media messaging.

Key takeaway: Email remains one of the best tools to reach your audience regardless of its geography and demography.

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Hayk Hayrapetyan

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