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Mary Haroutunian
October 31, 2022
Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

In today’s digitally fast-paced world, freeing your time from your marketing activities has become vital. That’s where marketing automation comes in handy, enabling businesses to create customer dialogs and repetitive tasks automatically using Email, SMS, Push, Messengers, etc. Let’s take an in-depth look at email automation and unlock all the info you should know to help you get started!

Email Automation Examples

Think of marketing automation as your supportive buddy who does that time-consuming task twenty-four-seven. Email automation is an integral part of marketing automation that you can use to send out:

  • Birthday freebies
  • Happy anniversaries
  • Appointment reminders
  • Feedback requests and so much more

Your subscribers’ behavior on a specific date and time activates certain triggers allowing emails to be sent automatically. Say you want to send promotions to your loyal customers celebrating their birthdays. You don’t have to write a message manually for each of your customers; instead, set up a trigger and send a personalized message automatically.

On top of being convenient, email automation is highly profitable too. Let’s face it, earning money is the ultimate goal of any business, and email automation works wonders. In fact, when marketing automation software is employed, companies count up to a 451% increase in qualified leads (Source: Annuitas Group). 

 So, now you understand the gravity of email automation and its benefits for businesses.

Importance of Personalization

Sending a personalized email shows that you care about your customer and want to serve their needs. It enhances your communication, fosters greater trust, and drives more sales.  

According to the Report, 49% of people said they are prone to make repetitive purchases after a personalized shopping experience with a company. 

Easily personalize and automate all your omnichannel marketing campaigns using Here, marketing professionals thought and prepared everything to save you time and resources.

Jump right to the Automation Marketplace, where predetermined marketing strategies await you. With a few clicks, you unleash automated scenarios relevant to your industry.


Let’s say you want to send a greeting message after your customer registers. First, pick the “Welcome Message After Registration” workflow from the Marketplace and take the following actions:

  1. Login to your account 
  2. Select the following automation and import the workflow (Choose the “With Data” option if you want to get all content, templates, variables, and segments)
  3. Launch your campaign. As simple as that!

Virtually, there are endless options of real-time trigger scenarios at your disposal. Need to remind your customer about their appointments? Send MULTICHANNEL APPOINTMENT REMINDERS so that you won’t lose your loyal customers over their forgetfulness.


When you import the workflow, you can alter the position of the blocks, adjust the templates and change any elements. In addition, you can make any adjustments to the workflow: change the frequency, triggers, actions, timing, filters, etc. In short,  the platform takes care of all the boring work while you can take a rest to come up with creative ideas and make necessary changes. 

To wrap up, leveraging marketing automation becomes practically a driving force for your marketing plan. Not just for its convenience but also for the financial gain it can bring.

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Mary Haroutunian

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