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Hayk Hayrapetyan
May 19, 2020
Affiliate with Wooxy

Unlock Your Marketer’s Talent by Affiliating with Wooxy

Many beginner freelance marketers get frustrated during the first couple of months of their attempts to master the Affiliate Marketing skills. 

Affiliates that already partner with us often ask the same questions: ‘what do I do now?’, ‘what did I do wrong?’, ‘how long will it take to start earning big money as an affiliate marketer?’… Let us talk more on this:


1. The common mistake that many inexperienced freelancers make is that they don’t plan ahead – they just jump in and expect to make money online without performing any market research, without putting in many hours of work, and by simply following some e-book or get-rich-quick “training program” they found online.

Affiliate Marketing must be treated as a BUSINESS. At Wooxy we know our business better than anyone, that is why we offer our affiliates to get a live demo, where we personally walk them through the Platform, introduce them to all our advanced automation features, and instruct and guide them during their market research.  From keyword research to how to create their first promotional campaign, to writing great content that search engines love, there is a lot to be learned here. Your aim is to make it your business, because at the end of the day you will start earning your commissions – your share of the business.


2. The two golden qualities you must develop as a freelance marketer are the patience and persistence. 

Website Traffic Takes Time. Even if you have the best marketing plan set up in a profitable niche and spend 40hrs per week on driving traffic to your partner’s site, it is still going to take you a MINIMUM of several weeks or even months to really start seeing good traffic from search engines such as Google. Obtaining organic search engine traffic is the #1 strategy for most affiliate marketers because the traffic is free and converts like crazy.


3. Finally we will answer the biggest question that you always have in mind: is it worth it?

Even though this wasn’t the most motivating article in the world, we don’t like to sugar coat things or give people false hopes and promises. Yes, it REALLY is possible to make good money with affiliate marketing and work from wherever you want, whenever you want. Many of our  affiliate marketers are doing that right now as they travel the United States and Europe in their campers working from wherever the wheels stop that day. It’s a dream life that we wish more people could experience.

Hayk Hayrapetyan avatar
Hayk Hayrapetyan

Hayk Hayrapetyan, the founder and CEO of Wooxy, shares his insights and expertise on a variety of topics. With a wealth of experience and a clear vision, Hayk provides valuable guidance on marketing strategies, operating a successful bootstrapped startup, team management, and product management.