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Mary Haroutunian
January 27, 2023
Valentine’s Day Email Ideas +Templates

Valentine’s Day Email Ideas +Templates

Valentine’s Day- a celebration of love, wild shopping for flowers, chocolate, and reserving fancy restaurants. Love is in the air. 

It is the second busiest holiday in the world, and plenty of companies make the most of their profit during this time. The NRF reports that in 2022 Valentine’s Day spending reached almost 24 billion in the US.

So, how can e-commerce companies and others seize this opportunity? Find the answer in the article and how to launch your Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign successfully.  

Valentine’s Day Email Campaign| Ideas, Tips

Just like any other holiday email marketing campaign, it is an opportunity to cherish the special relationship you have built with your clients. But let’s be honest; there is fierce competition to get noticed in the sea of messages. 

You must give all your creative input in order to win your customers’ hearts. That is why our Marketers came up with a bunch of tips and ideas to help you craft the best Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign. Let’s dive in!

A catchy subject line is the name of the game

Think about it. It is the first thing your customers see when scrolling through many emails. So, ensure the text of your subject line is second to none and grabs their attention as soon as they see it. Leave out traditional copies such as “Valentine’s Day special,” “Get a discount,” etc. 

To reflect the lovey-dovey vibe of the holiday, spice things up with certain emojis such as hearts, kisses, flowers, Cupid’s arrow, etc. For greater results, you can A/B test different options to come up with your winning subject line. 

Segment your prospects

Email segmentation is an absolute must for every marketer to send relevant messages. For instance, if you segment your clients according to gender, you will be able to send personalized messages matching their shopping preferences. You may also segment your target audience based on the age group and propose your offers considering the following stat. It states that on Valentine’s Day in the US, 25-34-year-olds have planned to spend up to $245 on gifts, while the 35-44-year-old age group considered spending almost $285.


Do not cast out singles

Not everyone is a lovebird that celebrates this occasion with their significant others. Some people prefer to spend this event with their friends (aka Galentine’s Day), with pets, or alone. 

Regardless, shower your email with love that shows your appreciation and kindness. Self-love and self-care have become popular talk among Millenials and Gen-Zs, so send offers to treat themselves. You may offer a discount, freebies, or simply send your heartfelt message to stress the value of self-love. 

Pay extra attention to the subject line when sending emails to singles. Stick to “Treat yourself” or “Gifts for myself” kind of subject lines to increase your open rate. 


Automate your Valentine’s Day Email Marketing Campaign

Valentine’s Day is a busy time for marketers around the globe, and the automation platform comes as a game changer. You may automate all your emails and send your best deals to your loyal customer base. So, coming up, let’s have a look at an automation platform in action. 


1. Valentine’s Day email

V-day is a trigger to activate the automated workflow to send the assigned email and SMS. On February 14, a V-day email will be automatically sent at your assigned time. This ready-to-use workflow is available on our Marketplace for absolutely free, and it is 100% customizable to accurately match your brand. 

The process is easy peasy; you just import this predetermined workflow to your account, launch it, and that’s it. You can segment your loyal customers and send them your V-day special offers, such as:

  • Discounts,
  • E-cards,
  • Freebies,
  • Gift cards, etc.

2. A follow-up SMS

When countless emails with plenty of special offers bombard customers on Valentine’s Day, the odds are high that your message will be ignored. 

An automated multichannel approach is a game changer during busy holidays such as Valentine’s Day. Chances of getting noticed will immediately double up if you send an SMS offer along with your email. gives a golden opportunity to send multichannel messages such as email, SMS, Web push, and telegram. It can minimize the risk of getting lost in the pile of holiday offers.


To sum up

Just like any other holiday, Valentine’s Day is a busy time for marketers to give all their creative input in order to get noticed by their customers. Craft a successful Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign by:

  • Using a catchy subject line
  • Segmenting customer base
  • Addressing singles or those who do not celebrate it
  • Automating an email marketing campaign 

You can leverage a lot when automating your V-day email campaign, but one of the biggest pluses is eventually standing out in your customer’s inbox. 

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