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Mary Haroutunian
October 10, 2022
Welcome Message After Registration

Welcome Message After Registration

The foundation of building your customer’s trust starts in the very beginning when you send a warm welcome message. That means you have one shot to captivate your audience with an attention-grabbing text from your company.

The welcome message after registration sets the tone; needless to say; the first impression is paramount.

Now, we understand that it can be tough to dazzle your audience right away, especially if you are just taking baby steps toward the operation or promotion of your product/service. That’s where our helpful tips will come in handy to unlock all the vital ideas helping you lay a solid foundation with your clients with welcome message examples. So, let’s dive in!

The Importance of Welcome Message

Imagine you pay a visit to some shop where the grumpy saleswoman gives you the cold shoulder without a simple “hello.” Would you still be interested in the products the place offers? Even if it is the best one in the market and you are in desperate need of it, you will still choose to take off in a blink of an eye.

It’s the same with online communication when the client shows an interest in the product or service you offer. So, instead of sending a cold and short “Thank you for the registration,” you have got to make sure to keep your new client engaged. Here is how:

  • Keep it short and on point: Don’t bombard your new clients with endless special deals. You will end up irritating them too quickly. Also, the text should not be lengthy and must have a clear Call to Action (CTA).
  •  Make them feel special. Remember that the tone of your email should be heartfelt with a warm greeting message. Although we said numerous special deals wouldn’t be effective, offering them an actual special deal will change the CTR rate. Additionally, if your email is personalized, it will double the CTR.
  • The ratio of the content and the design should be even. It means the text should not take up more space than the design; the same goes for the images or other graphics.  

Welcome Message Examples

Did you know that welcome emails are 85% more successful than newsletters, and this is in addition to the highest 94% Click Through Rate (CTR)? That is why the most prominent companies are extra thoughtful when crafting a unique welcome email to their newly registered customers. Let’s unveil the common welcome message examples from famous companies:

1. Headspace


As you can see from the company’s greeting message, the content is simple yet inviting. The design is modest but very pleasant to look at. Even though the idea of creating an email following your company’s color coordination is superb, remember to stick to soft colors, too, so it can be visually appealing.

2. Coursera


An online learning platform offers a 7-day trial program for most of the courses. It has a clear CTA to unlock many free courses for its customers. Brief text and simple visuals make Coursera’s welcome message eye-catchy and engaging.


welcome-email-sample-3-smartsender is a unique omnichannel marketing automation platform that allows the personalization of your campaigns. Another exciting approach we already mentioned is to send your welcome message on behalf of your company’s CEO. As you can see, the welcome email from the company’s CEO brings additional loyalty and trust to your company. Automation Marketplace

Are you struggling with words and design and do not know how to automatically send a Welcome Email when your customer registers? We got your back! At, we have an Automation Marketplace, where tons of unique and creative template samples with automated scenarios are ready to be downloaded to your account. For instance, the Welcome Message After Registration is excellent sample automation to thank your customers for registration. All you need is to import it to your account, launch it and start tracking the performance using our multifunctional platform.

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