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Hayk Hayrapetyan
January 23, 2019
Lead Magnets and How They Work

What are Lead Magnets and How They Work

Imagine getting 500+ clicks and 2-3 sales per email with only 5,000 subscriber list. Creating a great Lead Magnet that performs well for your business is really not that hard. It’s simply a matter of attracting the right audience and positioning leads for purchasing. When you use Lead Magnets right, you position yourself for purchases down the road.


So what is a Lead Magnet?

It is anything offered for free in exchange for the recipient’s email address. In other words, lead magnets are aimed to get email subscribers.

Here are some types of Lead Magnets, which are commonly used:

  • Checklists
  • Ebooks
  • Coupons/Discounts
  • Educational Course
  • Free Software Tool
  • Webinars
  • Video Series
  • Free Trial of Premium Package
  • Other

Choose the type of lead magnet, depending on your business and on the needs of your target audience.
Note: it is typically important, that whatever you are trying to give away for free, costs you little or nothing to create and distribute.


There are a couple of Primary Objectives of Great Lead Magnets:

1. Your Lead magnet should attract the right people, as many of the right people as possible while not appealing to those outside your niche. And When pitching your lead magnet, try to hit on the following four points whenever possible:

  • Promise: promise something specific in exchange for the user’s email
  • Target: make it very clear who the lead magnet is intended for
  • Key Benefits: like with direct response copywriting, address all key benefits the lead will get from your lead magnet
  • Call to Action: call the reader to take action, enter their email, and receive the lead magnet

2. It should position those people to purchase. It’s easy to think of a lead magnet pitch that will excite your audience and get them to enter their email. It’s much harder to deliver the goods with quality that is worthy of the hype.

Note: You can’t skimp on quality, and you can’t forget to position the lead for purchasing.Both are essential to your Lead Magnet success.

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Hayk Hayrapetyan

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