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Hayk Hayrapetyan
October 3, 2018
Free Images and Illustrations

Where to Find FREE Email Marketing Images and Illustrations. Check out these 10 Awesome Websites

As an Email Marketing Manager, I am in a constant search for artwork for my emails. Fortunately for me, has graphic design experts who can help me out with this.  But today, I want to help all those email marketers who are doing it all themselves, just like I was starting. 

But before we move on, please keep in mind: online images may be protected by copyright or other intellectual property law. Make sure at least to read the terms of the license agreement accompanying the image you are trying to download.  
So let’s get into this:

1. unDRAW  
I started with my favorite illustration site, unDRAW, created by Laterina Limpitsouni. The best part of it, is that you can choose the main color used in the illustration so that it better matches your brand or company!  
2. Pixabay and Pexels  
Both of them provide high resolution images. Pixabay has vector graphics and illustrations. Pexels provides free photographs, categorized by colors, collections and photographers.  
3. Unsplash  
Unsplash is a photo library with over 550,000 high-resolution photos, generously contributed by photographers across the world for marketers and entrepreneurs to freely download.  
4. PicJumbo  
PicJumbo has millions of free images to download individually. There’s also an option “More images like this”, which allows you to find more similar pictures.  
5. Burst  
A stock photo website, powered by Shopify. You can filter images by categories, different subjects and even recently added photos. The best part of Burst is the business ideas page. Here you can find photos directly related to different business objectives.  
6. Gratisography  
Gratisography is a great place for marketers to find more “quirky, unexpected and beautiful” images. These images have more personality and may become a solution for your most unusual email marketing projects.

7. FoodieFactor  
Created by ISO Republic, FoodieFactor offers over 1,200 food and drink images. Marketers, sending email campaigns for food or restaurant industry, should definitely bookmark this website.  
8. GraphicBurger  
If you lack graphic designer in the house, this site may be quite handy. At GraphicBurger you can find and download wide variety of free assets: mock-ups, text effects, icons, photos, and other things you can use to give your emails some extra flare.  
9. Canva  
Canva is also a graphic design platform, where you can not only find photos, but also to add text, develop and export images. This is easy enough to use, even if you have no design experience.  
10. Foter  
335 million free stock photos! All you need to do is to register for an account at Foter, to be able to download images and/or add them to your personal lightbox.

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Hayk Hayrapetyan

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