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Mary Haroutunian
November 16, 2022
Omnichannel appointment reminder

Omnichannel appointment reminder

In the age of modern technology, businesses need to adopt a customer-centric approach to be on top of the game. At this point, it becomes apparent that your customer expects a seamless experience across all channels, platforms, and devices. That is why it’s crucial to integrate omnichannel marketing into your business objectives. So let’s dig deeper to understand the benefits of using an omnichannel strategy in your day-to-day operation.

Benefits of Omnichannel Strategy

Thanks to omnichannel marketing, users can access the company’s products/services on all platforms, channels, and devices.

To understand the gravity of the omnichannel approach for your business, just look at this stat. The study by Harvard Business Review revealed that 73% of consumers hop from one channel to another for their shopping experience.

Your sales will skyrocket once you adopt this strategy for your company’s goals. But do you want to know why? Here are some clues:

  • Customers need a smooth experience. Whether online or offline, customers expect a brand presence across various channels (through social media, SMS, email, website, etc.)
  • Clients appreciate a personalized message. That’s when marketing automation comes to help, as your audience can be segmented based on age, location, or other criteria. Say you want to send a healthcare appointment reminder to the senior age group. Your segmented clients will most likely open the message via SMS rather than via email (though, don’t ignore the possibility that messages could be opened via email)
  • Consistency is key. Building trust in your brand comes from consistent communication. For instance, if your customer forgets their beauty appointment with your hair salon, you can send an omnichannel reminder via different channels.

Let’s dive deeper into the importance of omnichannel reminders for your clients and employees.


Omnichannel Reminder | Why is it important?

Admin duties, scheduling events, or sending reminders can drain the productivity of your employees. In fact, 50% of workers said they waste half of their day on scheduling that repetitive task which counts roughly 15 weeks per year. To save that precious time, leave it to the pros in omnichannel marketing. 

Assign automation software to take the burden of these dull tasks, and you get more time to focus on the creative aspect of your business goals.


The study revealed that the healthcare industry alone loses $150 billion annually over no-show appointments. However, if you leave the scheduling process on the automation software, you or your staff can focus the efforts on other business-critical tasks. Let’s see the omnichannel reminder automation in action:

  1.  As soon as your customer schedules an appointment, a confirmation email will be sent.
  2. One day before the appointment, they get an email reminder that tomorrow is their appointment date.
  3. On the actual appointment day, early in the morning, they receive a reminder via SMS.

The system allows you to make necessary changes to the workflow, such as the position of the blocks, templates, etc. You may modify the frequency, triggers, actions, timing, and filters. You can unlock further details in our Knowledgebase.

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