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Hayk Hayrapetyan
February 7, 2019
Wooxy for Gaming Industry

Why Wooxy is the best choice for Gaming Industry Representatives

For Several days already Wooxy has been rocking at ICE London, which is the benchmark and driver of the B2B Gaming industry’s international growth.

This global gathering for gaming professionals is looking to source product and/or service solutions, covering all sectors.  You may wonder what we are doing here, right?

Well, online gaming has become big business in recent years, and with that success comes the need for marketers to engage with gamers. Inevitably, email marketing forms a significant part of these campaigns.

With such a huge market to aim for, we are here to share with our partners what they can do in their email marketing campaigns to really connect with players and entice them to come back to the fold.


And here are some Email tips for the Online Gaming Industry:

  1. Audience. While gaming may be open to everyone, it definitely appeals to some demographics more than others. Understanding who you are talking to is very important, so do as much research as possible to appreciate who your reader is – you might also consider segmenting to target different customer profiles.
  2. Behavior. It is important to note that while several of your recipients may pertain to a similar demographic, they might be at different levels of engagement, so try to read into their behavior.
  3. Timing. When it comes to the timing of emails you should note that gamers have a habit of being night owls. Keep this in mind while creating your customer’s schedule.
  4. Mixed up Content. Online gaming fans want to be entertained more than anyone else, so don’t bore them by sending the same type of message all the time. Mix it up with information, vouchers, industry predictions and personal messages even.
  5. Fresh Games. Sometimes you will want to persuade people to try something different – maybe a new game or mode, but remember you can harness a person’s attachment to a current game to do this. Instead, you may offer an incentive for Game A if they complete two levels of Game B.
  6. Useful Information. For a gamer it is not always a bonus or a freespin that will prompt them to open an email or convert – often a piece of valuable information or an exclusive guide may be better. For a poker fan, an interview with a pro about a particular hand may be hugely engaging.
  7. Overcoming Spam Filters. It is an issue for all email marketers but gamers have it even harder at times. Spam filters are alerted to words like ‘free’ and ‘prize’ among other terms, which might actually be relevant to your offering but could see you fall foul of the system. Just remember that poor deliverability can impact future campaigns from your servers, so make sure you are monitoring this factor. By testing and trying out different approaches you can see what sort of items are deemed okay by email service providers, using this to inform future messages.
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Hayk Hayrapetyan

Hayk Hayrapetyan, the founder and CEO of Wooxy, shares his insights and expertise on a variety of topics. With a wealth of experience and a clear vision, Hayk provides valuable guidance on marketing strategies, operating a successful bootstrapped startup, team management, and product management.