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June 24, 2020

Deliverability Report

Message deliverability is defined as the measurement and understanding of how successful a sender is at getting their marketing messages (Email | SMS | Push) into people’s inboxes and devices. In this way, your Message deliverability can be your guide to continuing to grow your business through your Customer Retention marketing.

This report will help you evaluate the deliverability of your messages through all communication channels.

Here you will find the total number of delivered messages on all channels and the comparisons of delivered messages within different predefined periods of time.

To open Deliverability Report:

Deliverability Report page
  • Navigate to Performance page (Menu -> Analytics -> Performance).

  • Filter the necessary data by Domain, Source,  Period options and Campaign Filters.

  • Click “Search” button to generate report according to defined criteria. 

  • Check charts and data table for more detailed insights.

  • Export reports in PDF or EXCEL  formats.

Report filters

DomainDomain name used in “From email address” of your messages. If you have several domain names in one account, you can filter reports for only one specific domain or all of them together.
PeriodThe time boundary that determines what data appears in the report. This corresponds to the number of rows in the table. 
For example, if you select the Last 7 Days, there will be a total of 7 rows in the table: one for each of the past 7 days.
7 daysyou will receive report aggregated for the last 7 days
14 daysyou will receive report aggregated for the last 14 days
30 daysyou will receive report aggregated for the last 30 days
3 monthsyou will receive report aggregated for the last 3 months
6 monthsyou will receive report aggregated for the last 6 months
1 yearyou will receive report aggregated for the last 1 year
3 yearsyou will receive report aggregated for the last 3 years
SourceCustomer Acquisition Source origin through which specific users were attracted (tracking users by their original source of traffic)
FiltersIMPORTANT: Different campaign types cannot be combined.
CampaignsOne time campaigns
Drip CampaignsDrip Campaigns are used when you want to send a series of messages at specified intervals of time (days, hours, minutes) apart from each other.
TagsYou can tag messages using different features on Wooxy platform (for example: templates, auditory segments, etc.) to get hourly/daily/monthly aggregated reports for all messages with such a tag.

Deliverability Report Charts

This section will help you analyze the deliverability and see all the bounces (hard, soft, reject) when sending messages throughout the project in the form of trend charts sectioned by predefined periods of time (the default period displays statistics for the last 7 days).

Similarly, you can individually analyze the effectiveness of all your one-time campaigns, drip campaigns, or filter data by tags to evaluate what works best for your users.

Deliverability Report Charts

Pie Chart

This pie chart will help you check if ESPs accept your messages – whether the message was physically Successfully Delivered or Failed. Analyze message deliverability for each channel separately.

Deliverability Pie Chart

Deliverability Data Table

Let’s have a detailed look at the various metrics shown in the table below:

Deliverability Data Table

Overview of available metrics

DateThe date and time, when the messages were delivered
MessagesThe total number of delivered messages on different channels
Last weekChange in # of delivered messages within a selected period of time in comparison with the previous similar period
ChannelA communication channel is the method through which a message is sent to a contact.
EmailSendThe number of emails sent within the selected period of time

The Delivered status is assigned as soon as the message sent by Wooxy was accepted by the recipient’s ISP server.

  • Delivery rate – Percentage of Delivered messages from total sent.
  • Messages – the total number of delivered messages on different channels
  • Last week – comparisons of delivered messages within the last choose period
Hard bouncesThe time and hard-bounce code received from the ISP. A hard bounce indicates a permanent reason why an email cannot be delivered. Hard bounced email addresses are immediately automatically placed in your account’s BlackList to prevent degradation of your domain reputation.
Soft bouncesSoft bounces typically indicate a temporary delivery issue to an address. Wooxy will automatically try to resend the message during 3 days. When the message is delivered the status will change to Delivered.
RejectsThe email addresses, which are already in our blacklist and Wooxy rejects to send messages to them.
SMSSendThe number of sent messages within the selected period of time
DeliveredThe carrier server accepted & queued for this message for delivery.
RejectsThe phone number is blacklisted.
FailsYour SMS was queued by our systems but failed to be delivered to the carrier. This includes cases when Wooxy successfully delivered the SMS to the carrier, but the carrier still failed to deliver your message to the destination.
Web PushSendThe number of sent Push notifications within the selected period of time
DeliveredThe Push notification was delivered.
UndeliveredThe Push notification wasn’t delivered, invalid token.
ExpiredThe Push notification wasn’t shown due to TTL (Time to live)