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August 10, 2022

Unique “opens” and “clicks”. How does it work?

To improve the quality of your campaigns, Wooxy collects all the metrics necessary for your campaigns to analyze.

Each client may face the question: of why the sent letters were not opened, but the statistics already show unique clicks.

unique opens and clicks

NOTE: We count both all opens and clicks and unique ones. 

Learn more in our article.

If a click was registered, then it definitely was.

There can be some reasons for not showing the open:

  • The open was not tracked in a case when images are blocked in a specific mailbox.

  • Some ESPs (for example, block all pictures in the email and we cannot track the open.

  • For example, in every user can easily disable the automatic display of the external images in settings.

NOTE: Delivery statuses can come later than opens and clicks.

Gmail settings