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March 14, 2023

Common mistakes while the file importing to the Contact List

Each time you import contacts in Wooxy, you may run into a problem. Such issues as duplicates, unsubscribed contacts, incorrect file formats, and syntax errors can prevent some contacts from being added to your audience.

In this article, you’ll learn about possible problems with your contact import. 

IMPORTANT: Email addresses cannot begin or end with periods or hyphens, and can only contain one “@” character in the address before the domain

How to add contacts correctly to WooxyTo complete a successful contact import, follow the steps of the import method you choose. Please, adhere to the instructions in our article “Add / Import Contacts to Your Existing Contact List”.
The file type is unsupported.If you choose the Upload File option, make sure the file you upload is a .CSV or .XLS file.
The file size is too large.The import file is limited to 25 MB which may cause errors. If you experience an error when importing a large file, split up your file into several smaller files and import them individually.
The formatting is unsupported.Exported files from other ESPs may not be formatted in a way that our import tool can manage, so you may have to do some reformatting to make it work. Get acquainted with the requirement in our article  “Add / Import Contacts to Your Existing Contact List”.
Your file includes semi-colons instead of commas.Some European spreadsheet programs use semi-colons rather than commas to separate data fields in .CSV or .XLS files. This can cause problems with Wooxy imports. If your import file uses semi-colons as separators, replace them with commas and try your import again. To do this, upload your file to Google Drive and save it as a CSV or open the file in a text editor and use find and replace to update the punctuation.
A contact’s email address is missing information.

The email address could be missing something. Every email address has two elements: local-part and domain name. Also, the @ character links the domain and the person who owns the email address. Here are a few examples of incorrect email addresses:

  • example@domain is missing the top-level domain “.com” 
  • example@domaincom is missing the dot
  • – here domain is missing 

Fix the typos in the email addresses and try to add the contact again.

A contact’s email address has extra spaces.

Extra spaces can cause the system will not to recognize it or take it as quite another email address. 

  • Spaces in the local-part 


  • Spaces in the domains part

example@domain. com

You will be able to download the file with incorrect email addresses on the second step of the file importing. Just fix errors and upload email addresses again.

Contact’s email address has unsupported characters

Characters that are not allowed in email addresses:

  • Punctuation characters such as exclamation point (!), question mark (?), quotation marks (“”), parentheses (), curly braces {}, and others
  • Special characters such as @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, +, =, / and others. Can only be used in limited quantities and only in parts of the address separated by dots or hyphens.
Exceeded character limit in the email address

The system considers such email addresses invalid:

  • more than 64 characters before “@”
  • more than 63 characters between “@” and “.”
  • more than 64 characters in the top-level domain
Re-encountered email address. Duplicate email.When importing, the system checks the file for duplicates. On the second step of the import process, the popup will report an error. You can either upload the file with errors, correct your import file, and upload the file again. Or press the “Skip and continue” button – in this case, only one of the identical email addresses will be added.
Cyrillic vs Latin and numbers

Let’s consider the correctness of the alphabet using in the email addresses:

  • Latin letters and numbers are allowed in the local-part of the email address
  • Latin letters and numbers are allowed in the part between“@” and “.”
  • Only Latin is allowed in the top-level domain part
A contact variable has the wrong format.

Wooxy scans every variable by checking if it is valid and doesn’t have misspellings. For example:

  • The variables use another format than camelCase

You will be able to change the name of the variable by choosing from the existing one in Wooxy or to create a new variable and assign it accordingly.

Invalid phone number format

The phone number cannot contain: spaces, Cyrillic characters, or other extra characters.

IMPORTANT: should be valid E.164 phone number format

Examples of the correct phone numbers:

  • +14155552671
  • +442071838750
  • +551155256325

We urge you to be careful and scrupulous when adding contacts!