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March 29, 2020

The “contactScore” variable in the Lead Scoring

After generating leads, it will be a very good idea to evaluate them so you can engage with them appropriately. The lead scoring will help you with it. It is a way to qualify leads and assess how valuable they are to your organization. 

Each lead is given a numerical value (or “score”) that represents where they are in their buyer’s journey.

contactScore variable sample

Lead scoring is, quite simply, a process of ranking the readiness of your prospects to convert (whether that is to buy or subscribe) by using a numeric system that helps quantify the value of your targets to your company. 

Set up and manage the lead scoring when a visitor, user or customer performs a particular action(s) using one of our features:

Attributing points to them is a great way to measure the level of engagement on your website.

Use the Score action to assign scoring points to your contacts. The action allows you to score contact engagement and behavior. You can:

  • Erase scoring (they will show as not having any score at all).

  • Add or subtract points.

  • Set an exact amount of points.

Behavioral scoring is scoring leads based on actions indicative of interest in your product or service.

Some common examples of positive behaviors include:

  • Contact requests / contact form submissions

  • Email opens, clicks, and forwards

  • Social media activity

  • Content downloads

  • Free trials

  • Product demos

For example, you’d like to be able to distinguish between the engaged and the less active contacts who completed your workflow. Specifically, you’d like to be able to see who clicked a link in your message.

You can give 10 points (or whatever score value you want to use) to the contacts who opened the message and clicked the link. Then, you can subtract 10 points (or another score value of your choice) from those who didn’t click the link in your newsletter.

What score values should I use?

There aren’t any predefined scoring values. You should assign scores that are meaningful to you and help you accomplish your goals.

One possible approach is to set up a scoring system. You can decide how many points a given contact action is “worth”, and apply this score consistently in your workflows. This way you can manage your customer database and evaluate your strategies.