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August 17, 2023

Viber Integration

To succeed, businesses must navigate a crowded digital space and adopt a multichannel approach to reach their target audience effectively.

Viber, with clients in over 190 countries, offers powerful messaging and advertising tools for brands to connect with both new and existing audiences.

Viber is a VoIP and instant messaging application with cross-platform capabilities that allows users to exchange audio and video calls, stickers, group chats, and instant voice and video messages.

In Wooxy, you can send transactional and promotional messages within the same Viber channel and build a deeper connection with your existing opt-in customer base. Here, you can also personalize the messages with different Templates, customize the content to fit your needs, create Campaigns, and use our analytical tools to automate behavior-based omnichannel workflows. While the platform doesn’t support creating chat conversations, it does offer a smooth experience for efficiently and effectively sending one-way messages from the Sender Name.

The Sender Name (Sender ID) is the name that your contacts will see when they receive a Viber message from your company through the Wooxy platform.

Viber content policy for Service Messages:

  • You can send Viber messages to Opt-in Users only. 
  • In case Viber users complain about your Sender Name and the number of these complaints exceeds 5% of the total volume sending, your Sender Name will be blocked.
  • The first message to the user can’t be promotional.
  • NO Alcohol, Tobacco, Adult content, Loans (unless it’s a bank), Forex, Binary option, Gambling (online & offline), Weapons, and Drugs.

There are two types of Sender Names in Wooxy: Default and Registered

Default Sender Name

Here are some things to know before you start:

  • If you do not have your own Sender Name, we provide you with a default one. However, we recommend you register your own Sender Name because it ensures a higher level of trust in your company for your clients.

  • The default Sender Name is active until you approve your own one.

  • If your account is in the Trial Mode (not approved yet) you can use the Default Sender Name but the sending volume is limited up to 50 free messages per day.

  • If your Wooxy account is already approved, you can also use the Default Sender Name. However, please note that in this case, 50 complimentary messages won’t be available. The pay-as-you-go pricing will be enabled so you will only pay for the messages you send.

  • The pricing for Viber messages is estimated based on the destination and type of message you’re sending.

  • Viber messages are available for the Pro Plan and Enterprise Plan.

How to check the Default Sender Name details:

  • Navigate to the Integrations page (Menu -> Integrations).

  • Select the “Viber” section.

  • Expand the “Default senders details” in order to check to which countries the Default Sender Name can send Viber messages.

Registered Sender Name

Here are some things to know before you start:

  • If you want to display your company name when delivering a Viber message, you need to register your own Sender Name.

  • The Trial account can register the custom Sender Name, but cannot use it until the account is approved.

  • You can register as many Sender Names as it is needed for your business.

  • You can select up to 20 countries per one Sender Name.

  • The Default Sender Name becomes inactive right after at least one of your custom Sender Names is approved.

  • If you delete your custom Sender Name, the system will switch the account back to the Default Sender Name.

  • The price for sending Viber messages varies depending on the destination countries and type of message. In the initial month, you’ll be charged for both the custom Sender Name registration and the message package. Subsequent monthly payments, however, will only include the cost of the message package.

  • If you’ve used up the messages included in your paid package and still want to send additional Viber messages, you have the option to do so. The pay-as-you-go pricing activates, meaning you’ll only be charged for the specific messages you send.

  • IMPORTANT: Your balance must be positive for the extra Viber messages sending because the balance should be enough for the pay-as-you-go payments.

  • You may use not all the messages included in the monthly payment. In that case, the balance of the amount is burned with the onset of a new accounting period. You will be charged every 1st day of the month.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Navigate to the Integrations page (Menu -> Integrations).

  • Select the “Viber section.

  • Press the “Register name” button.

  • Fill in the form for the custom Sender Name registration.

    • IMPORTANT: All the form fields are required.
  • Press the “Send the application form” button.

    • If you attempt to submit your Sender Name registration when your balance is insufficient, a popup will appear. This popup will display the minimum balance required for submission and moderation.
    • If the “Insufficient Account Funds” popup appears two options will be available:
      • “Cancel” – press this button if you want to close the popup, make some changes in the form, or have already replenished your balance and want to re-submit the registration form.
      • “Go to billing” – you will be redirected to the billing page. Just top up your balance, go to the previous tab, close the popup window, and press the “Send the application form” button.
    • Check out the payment details and click the “Pay the bill” button to charge.
    • NOTE: Activation takes some time. You will receive a notification about status changes. As soon as your Sender Name becomes active, you can start to send Viber messages.

The Registration Form Requierements and their Description

CategoryDataDescription and Requirements
Custom Viber Sender NameSender NameThe name of the custom Sender Name you want to be registered. NOTE: Maximum 30 symbols: letters, numbers, spaces, and special symbols.
Chat ScreenWebsiteType in a link to your company website. NOTE: Links for the Social Media pages are not allowed.
DescriptionDescribe specifically what your company does. In the company description it is allowed to indicate only the services or goods provided; it cannot contain advertising text. NOTE: Maximum 400 symbols, no links.
Business AddressThe physical address of your company.
Phone numberType in your company’s phone number.
Sender logoUpload an image of your company logo that will be displayed next to your Sender Name in your Viber channel. NOTE: Image requirements: PNG format, size 256×256 px, maximum file size – 4Mb. You can crop the image before uploading.
Background imageUpload an image that will be displayed as a banner in the company information section. NOTE: Image requirements: PNG format, size 360×280 px, maximum file size – 4Mb. You can crop the image before uploading.
General InformationService Registered CountrySelect the country where your company is located from the drop-down menu.
Service DescriptionType in the type of services your company provides. For example, financial services, online store, media, etc.
Estimated launch date NOTE: 
Viber will charge the Viber Name from the 1st month of activation. 
So, it’s better to register it when the contract is signed and 
other conditions are approved.
Current monthIf you select the current month, you will be able to start using the custom Sender Name right after approval by the moderator.
Next monthIf you select the next month, you will be able to start using the custom Sender Name after the registration is completed with the onset of a new billing period (every 1 day of the month in Wooxy).
Capability & Feature SpecificationIntended DestinationsIndicate the countries to which you plan to send messages by 
selecting each in turn from the drop-down menu. NOTE: You can select up to 20 countries per one Sender Name. If you want to send Viber messages to more than 20 countries – you need to register more Sender Names.
Examples of TrafficProvide an example of a message you are going to send through the Viber channel.
Transactional messages volume/Month ForecastType in the number of messages you plan to send per month.
Nature of Traffic (Can’t be only Promotional)Personal InformationMark the checkbox next to “Personal Information” if your Viber messages content will include information about a specific person that can be used to identify them (e.g., name, date of birth, email address, family information, work information).
Public InformationMark the checkbox next to “Public Information” if your Viber messages content will include information that is available to everyone and cannot be used to identify a specific person (e.g., news, articles, company data).
PromotionalMark the checkbox next to the “Promotional messages” if your Viber messages content will advertise a specific product or service.
Letter of GuaranteeLetter of GuaranteeDownload the letter of guarantee sample. Fill it out in English, sign it, and scan it. Attach the document to the application form in PDF format.

The Sender Name statuses:

ActivatedThe Sender Name is approved and registered in the system.
DeactivatedThe Sender Name is deactivated/paused. NOTE: You can pause the Sender Name usage 3 times per calendar year.
PendingThe Sender Name is awaiting a response from Viber and is currently under moderation.
RejectedThe Sender Name was not approved.

IMPORTANT: Every status change must be reviewed by the moderator. You will be notified by email when is done.

Manage your Sender Names

  • Edit – if you want to make changes to the registration form – please, contact the support team via NOTE: If the Sender Name is in the “Rejected” status – you can make changes by yourself and resubmit the form. Just click on the Sender Name.

  • Deactivate – in case you temporarily do not want to use your Sender Name you can pause it. Just switch the slider next to the Sender Name and this action will be done after the moderator approves. In order to reactivate the Sender Name you need to switch the slider back.

  • Delete – if you no longer want to use your own Sender Name – press the bin button, type in the name of the Sender Name you want to be deleted in the popup window, and press the “Confirm” button. NOTE: The Sender Name will be deleted without the recovery option. The new Sender Name registration cost will be standard, you’ll be charged for both the custom Sender Name registration and the message package. Subsequent monthly payments, however, will only include the cost of the message package.

  • Information – press the “Information” button to check the Sender Name details

The Sender Name Details


The status which the Sender Name is currently in:

  • Activated
  • Deactivated
  • Pending
  • Rejected
Sender NameThe name of the Sender along with its ID.
Messages includedNumber of messages included in the monthly Viber messages package you bought.
Reject reasonThe reason why your Sender Name cannot be registered at this moment.
Creation dateThe integration creation date.
CountriesList of countries to which the registered Sender Name is permitted to send Viber messages.

Industries where sending business messages in Viber is not available:

  • Political parties or political organizations.

  • Gambling and trading – online and offline casinos, sports betting, lotteries, cryptocurrency, binary options, and forex companies.

  • Credit/loan services and pawnshops if these services are not offered by registered financial institutions such as banks or are not approved by them.

  • Adult content.

  • Tobacco products.

  • Alcoholic beverages.

  • Companies involved in the sale of weapons or drugs.

  • Open portals/blogs that do not control the content published; websites that allow users to create and share content.

  • Religious services, including churches, temples, mosques, etc.

  • Fortune telling, Tarot cards, astrology, etc.