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July 13, 2022


The Wooxy platform contains dozens of features. All this requires round-the-clock monitoring, as well as protection.

Setting up account security is a necessary step in configuring accounts. 

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Navigate to the “Account Settings” page. 

  • Press three vertical dots and choose the account settings section.

  • Select the “Security” tab.

In this section the following data and parameters can be changed:

Your API Key

  • Your secret key for Wooxy API which is used as an authorization password upon request.

  • IMPORTANT: Do not give your API Key to anybody! If you think that your key is compromised – click the “Generate new token” button under your key. 

  • NOTE: you have to change your old key with the new one in your platform/cms/integration.

Active sessions

  • Here are the devices and teammates currently logged in to your Wooxy account. 

  • You can log out of all sessions at once or separately from each one.

  • The following information about sessions is displayed:

    • Name and date of the user.
    • The device from which the user was logged.
    • The IP address from which the entrance was made.
    • The location of the user who created a session.