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December 8, 2021

Pipedrive Integration

Pipedrive is a deal-driven customer relationship management CRM solution that also works as an account-management tool with the ability to assist with marketing and the entire sales process. 

Integrate PipeDrive with Wooxy to get the contacts automatically added and updated along with all their details in the Default Contact list. Organize automatic intercourse with your PipeDrive contacts in a simple way. For example, if you update the contact from the Pipedrive, it also automatically will be updated in the Wooxy Default Contact list and so on.

Things to know before you start:

  • IMPORTANT: By using Wooxy, you agree to Wooxy Terms of Use and acknowledge that you have read our Privacy and Anti-Spam Policies.
  • Synchronization is only one way: from Pipedrive to Wooxy.
  • Connection syncs your Pipedrive account only with the Wooxy Default Contact List.
  • If you delete the contact from the Pipedrive, it will also automatically be updated/deleted in the Wooxy Default Contact List.
  • All variable values are updated automatically.
  • In case you created a new variable in Pipedrive – press the round arrow icon in the Wooxy Pipedrive integration section and map new variables.
  • If you want all Pipedrive variables to be added to your Wooxy Default Contact List, you must specify the name of each variable during the “Match Variables” process.
  • For adding a new contact from Pipedrive, the contact must have at least one of the required identifiers  (userId | email | phoneNumber).
  • Contacts that are synchronized from Pipedrive and have the {{phoneNumber}} variable value fulfilled will be automatically subscribed to the Viber and SMS channels.
  • NOTE: We recommend you to be logged in to your Pipedrive account before starting the integration process.
Pipedrive Integration gif

Please note that Wooxy will have the following permissions on behalf of you:

  • Access to basic information
    Read the settings of the authorized user and currencies in an account. This is the default permission that is always enabled for all apps.

  • Contacts: Read-only
    Read data about persons and organizations, their related fields, and followers: all notes, files, and filters.

  • Administer account
    Allows to do many things an administrator can do in a Pipedrive company account – create, read, update, and delete pipelines and its stages; deal, person, and organization fields; activity types; webhooks; users and permissions, etc.

Give permission and install

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Navigate to the Integrations page (Menu->Integrations).

  • Select the “Pipedrive” section.

  • Click on the “Add Integration” button.

  • Familiarize yourself with the required permissions and click the “Allow and Install” button if you accept them all.

  • Select the Domain from the drop-down menu.

  • Click the “Continue” button.

  • Check all the variables with the “Match variables” feature before adding them to the Wooxy Default Contact List. Learn more about the “Match variables” feature below.

  • Synchronization completed.

NOTE: In case you started the integration process but the “Continue to the App” button displays – that means the app is already installed, and all you need is to press this button, select the domain, and pass the variables mapping steps.

App already installed information

Matching variable

Match the variables from Pipedrive with the variables in your Wooxy Default Contact List. 

The process begins by ensuring that the variables in your Pipedrive system are properly matched with those in your Wooxy Default Contact List. To do this, you can choose a variable name from the list of pre-existing variables that are currently available. Alternatively, if you cannot find a suitable variable, you have the option to create a new one entirely. This way, you can ensure that the communication between the Pipedrive system and the Wooxy platform is seamless and error-free.

The “Match variables” table columns:

  • Pipedrive variables name – the name of the variable copied from the Pipedrive platform.

  • Preview – the random value of the specific variable.

  • Wooxy column view – the list of variables that already exist in the Wooxy Default Contact List. Here you can change the name of your variable from the drop-down menu or create a custom new one. IMPORTANT: Custom variables created here are only for the Default Contact List to which you are adding contacts.

Match variables

The system identifies the current status of the variable:

  • A green dot indicates that your variable has been successfully matched with the one that already exists in the Wooxy Default Contact List. If you change the name of your variable by choosing an existing variable from the list after the import is complete, the name of your variable will be replaced with the new one you have chosen. IMPORTANT: Do not specify 2 identical variables during the mapping process.

  • A gray dot indicates that the variable has not been matched, but this variable from the Pipedrive is in a valid format and has a chance to be manually matched for importing the column from the Pipedrive into the Wooxy system. Select the String or DateTime format, select one of the existing variables, or create a new one. IMPORTANT: Unmatched variables will not be added to the Wooxy Default Contact List.

Mark the checkbox “Ignore empty values” if you want to ignore empty values when importing data from Pipedrive to Wooxy. In this case, the system will not overwrite existing Wooxy data with empty values.

Ignore empty values

Press the “Import” button to finish the matching variable process.

NOTE: Some variables in Pipedrive are considered as two different in Wooxy. For example, the “Date range” field type. It will be divided into two variables: “date range/Start” and “date range/End”.

Date range variable

The same is true for the “Monetary” field type. You will need to match two variables: “monetary” and “monetary/Currency”.

Monetary variable

In case the “Multiple options” field type is selected – all the variants will be added as a single variable value separated by commas.

Multiple variable