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October 23, 2023

Viber Pricing

The pricing for Viber messages is estimated based on the destination country and the type of message you’re sending. It also takes into account the Sender Name you use.

If your account is in the Trial Mode (not approved yet), you can use the Default Sender Name, but the sending volume is limited to up to 50 free messages per day. However, once your Wooxy account is approved, the complimentary messages will no longer be available. Please note that the Viber channel at Wooxy is available only for the Pro Plan and Enterprise Plan.

Default Sender Name

By sending Viber messages through our Sender Name, you are only charged for the messages you send. Our pay-as-you-go pricing gives you a fair price and lets you send multiple message types within the same channel. The rate depends on the country code of the phone number with which the users you are messaging are registered on Viber.

Before sending your campaign, we will provide you with an estimated cost of your messages. 

Each campaign is billed at the time of submission, so please ensure that your Wooxy account has sufficient balance. If the current balance does not have enough funds, the campaign will not be sent. You can replenish your balance and relaunch the campaign.

Registered Sender Name

When you choose to register your Brand’s Sender Name, you will be charged for

  • registering a Sender Name and

  • minimum message package. 

The registration costs for Sender Name vary from 120 – 170 US Dollars, depending on your chosen destination countries. You can select up to 20 destination countries within one Sender Name. If you need to select more than 20 countries, you may register several additional Sender Names. You will be charged for each registered Sender Name accordingly.

The registration fee is a one-time payment. You won’t be billed in subsequent months. 

For all Registered Sender Names, there is a minimum monthly fee: no matter how many messages are sent, you will pay no less than that sum. The minimum message package fee includes a certain number of free messages that can be sent. Again, based on the intended destination countries you choose to deal with, it will vary from 2000 – 32500 messages monthly. If you send fewer messages than what is included in the minimum package, you will only be charged the minimum fee. Unused messages will not be transferred to the next month. The remaining balance is forfeited at the start of a new accounting period. If your messaging traffic exceeds the minimum package, the Pay-as-you-go system will be activated, and you will be charged per message based on the applicable rates.

Your balance must be positive for the extra Viber messages sending because the balance should be enough for the pay-as-you-go payments.