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July 28, 2020

JS script & Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager– is a solution from Google that allows you to place custom scripts on site pages without directly interfering with its code.

Content-control software or web filtering software – a device or software for filtering sites by their content, which does not allow access to certain sites or services on the Internet. The system allows you to block websites with content that is not intended for viewing.

How to use a script to add and update contacts through Google Tag Manager

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Add a site to add/update contacts to your Wooxy account.

2. Download the installation file. IMPORTANT: Upload it to the top level directory of your site.

3. Create a new tag in your Google Tag Manager account.

4. Select the type of Custom HTML tag.

Choose tag type

5. In the “HTML” field in the “Tag Configuration” form, add the script

Add a script

6. Configure the triggers that will activate the tag.

Configure the triggers

7. Save the tag. Submit your workspace changes to Google Tag Manager

Submit changes
  • If you pass empty values ​​of variables
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    var initConfig = {};

    var cac = {};

    var variables = {};

    if ('{{userId}}' !== 'undefined') {

        initConfig['userId'] = '{{userId}}'


    if ('{{email}}' !== 'undefined') {

        initConfig['email'] = '{{email}}'


    if ('{{phoneNumber}}' !== 'undefined') {

        initConfig['phoneNumber'] = '{{phoneNumber}}'


    if ('{{contactName}}' !== 'undefined') {

        initConfig['name'] = '{{contactName}}'


    if ('{{sourceId}}' !== 'undefined') {

        initConfig['source'] = '{{sourceId}}'


    if ('{{value}}' !== 'undefined') {

        cac['value'] = '{{value}}'


    if ('{{currency}}' !== 'undefined') {

        cac['currency'] = '{{currency}}'


    if ('{{stringVariableFromList}}' !== 'undefined') {

        variables['stringVariableFromList'] = '{{stringVariableFromList}}'


    if ('{{dateVariableFromList}}' !== 'undefined') {

        variables['dateVariableFromList'] = '{{dateVariableFromList}}'


    if ('{{newTestVariable}}' !== 'undefined') {

        variables['newTestVariable'] = '{{newTestVariable}}'


    initConfig['cac'] = cac;

    initConfig['variables'] = variables;

    var wooxyData = initConfig;

  • If you use symbol values ​​of variables
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    if("{{stringVariableFromList}}"!=="false" && "{{stringVariableFromList}}"!=="undefined") {



    If you pass symbols in variables, your browser can pass them as “false”, in order to prevent variables from changing to false use the following example script.