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May 13, 2022

Account activity

Monitoring the work of employees is a complex task that every manager tries to solve with varying degrees of success. The methods used by the head of the enterprise can improve the efficiency of the company and increase profits. One of the effective tools is Wooxy Account Activity Log.

Account Activity Log – chronological records of team activity. The system captures account-specific events generated by teammates. In simple terms, Activity Log does that by answering the questions:

Who?The user that performed an action.
Did what?What action was performed.
When?Each action has a precise timestamp. It is recorded according to the time of the account where the action was performed.
From which IP?Actions are logged. The IP address of the account settlement is fixed. You can provide access to IP in the Allowed IPs section to make your account even more secure.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Navigate to “Activity” (Menu -> Activity).

  • Go to the “Account activity” tab.

  • Select the desired filters.

  • Press the “Search” button.

Since a contact can have a lot of events, they can be grouped in the appropriate filters:

OriginTemplatesEvery time a logged user performs an action, this component creates an event, which is then stored in the “Activity” section.  Some events are therefore supplemented with additional information (name item, value, etc.)


  • Contact List
  • Segments
  • Variables


  • Tags
  • Global variable
  • Source
  • Event


  • Payment method
  • Filled up balance
  • Enable auto-recharge
  • Plan


  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe Pages
  • Domain
  • Teammate


  • Allowed IPs
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Account Info (phone number, email, login\re-login, change password)
Split tests
StatusCreatedThe value describes the action that customers do in the interface’s current state.
Published (only for workflow)
User Select the user for which you want to display data.
Period7 daysSelect a specific period of time to generate the Report only with data from those dates.
14 days
30 days