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August 22, 2022

Manage Templates

In this article, we will show you all the controls on the Templates page.

To start work with the Templates – follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Templates management page (Menu->Content->Templates).

  • Press the filter button to select the channel.

  • Sort Templates by name.

  • Sort Templates by subject.

  • Search Templates by name and by ID.

  • Click on the “Click Map” icon to visualize where your users interact by clicking on your emails. See detailed instructions in our article.

  • Press the “Info” button to get acquainted with the Template details.

  • By pressing the “More” button the following actions will be available:

    • Duplicate – create a new Template with the same content and parameters. NOTE: This feature is not available for the Viber Template.
    • Manage tags – add or delete the tags for the Template. Tags will help you in Analytics reports organizing. If you use the same email Template for different campaigns, tagging will help you track and review their performance in the aggregated report.
    • Delete – remove the Template without a recovery option. NOTE: The Template could be also deleted by choosing the selection box next to the Template row.
  • The preview function is available by clicking on the thumbnail of the Template. Here you can check how your Template will be displayed:

    • on both: desktop and mobile devices for the Email Templates.
    • on both: Windows and Mac OSes for the Web Push Templates.
    • on recipients devices for SMS, Telegram and Viber Templates.
  • To send a test Email/ SMS/ Web Push/ Telegram/ Viber message: 

    • Select the Contact List where the specific contact is stored.
    • NOTE: The Default Contact List is used by default. To select a different List, use the settings button.
    • Start typing your email, phone number, or user ID to select the contact from the selected Contact List. 
    • NOTE: You can also send a test message to the contact who is not on your List. Just fill out the placeholder with its email or phone number.
    • Press the “Send test” button.

Template Details

ChannelThe type of channel.

The Viber Template status after it is created. There are such Viber Template statuses:

  • Approved – the Template has been checked and approved.
  • Pending – the Template has not been checked yet and awaiting approval.
  • Rejected – the Template has already been checked but cannot be approved.

Learn more about Viber Template statuses in our article.

NameThe name of the Template along with its ID.
Creation dateThe time and date of when the Template was created according to the time zone of the account.
CountriesIndicated if that particular Template can be sent to the following countries: Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia.
SubjectThe subject of the Template.
Editor typeThe type of Template creation builder (this is for the Email channel).
TagsThe list of tags that are included in the Template.