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December 24, 2019

Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications are simple messages you can send to your users in real time once they have agreed to subscribe to them. 

What you can use web push notifications for?

Push notifications attract attention of your users. It will help to increase your conversion rates and engage users for specific activities like:  

  • Purchasing of dedicated product

  • Subscribing to your newsletter

  • Visiting a specific page on your website.

One of its advantages is that even if the recipients don’t have their computers or browsers on, they will still receive your notification later.

Things to Know before you can create a Web Push Notification on Wooxy platform:

  • Web Push Notifications are currently supported by Chrome for Windows, Chrome OS, Opera, Firefox. Web and mobile versions. NOTE: in MazilaFF browser version 72 and up, subscruber for notifications takes place in 2 clicks
  • To be able to send web push notifications, your website must have an active SSL Certificate. 
  • The creation of Web Push Notifications starts with properly installing Wooxy script on your website and populating it with a unique user identificator.
  • The request is displayed after the user visited the site. You will not be able to select the appearance and text of the subscription request.
  • You can subscribe only registered users to push notifications. This is necessary, so that Wooxy could match the user with the data in contact list for Omni-channel communication.

The process of implementing web push notifications is fairly straightforward: you will need to upload a few lines of code to your website to activate the feature.

To begin the setup process and activate Web Push Notifications, please proceed to the settings page and follow the step by step instructions.

A standard push notification consists of an icon, title, and a text message. Below, you can see what such a notification may look like in Google Chrome (on the Web Push template page you can preview your notifications in other browsers as well, just click on the logo of the desired browser).

Push notification sample

Notifications vary in appearance between browsers and operating systems. Some notifications use native notification centers, and others don’t.

  • The title and body of the message.

  • Icon. Shows subscribers who sent web pushes (if you don’t use an icon, the user will see a standard browser logo). The icon may be upload while creating a web push template.

  • Link to the page where the subscribers will be forwarded to when they click on the web push. It is not shown on the notification itself (there is only the address of the website from which web pushes were sent).

Automate your messages:

  • Segment your audience. Read about segments here.

  • Schedule your campaigns a month in advance with drip campaigns.

  • Respond to user actions through triggers 

Fundamental rules of use of the advertising network

Prohibited materials:

  • Advertisements created on Wooxy Advertising Network should not contain illicit or illegal content specified by its rules, including the following:

    • Images and texts, used to create an advertising campaign, must fully comply with the advertising material and reality.
    • Images and texts, used in advertisement, should not contain political, religious, sexual or any such materials.
    • It is categorically forbidden to use images or texts with shocking content or intimidating tactics.
    • It is prohibited to use profanity/curse words in the image, title and/or in the message of the campaign.
  • It is forbidden to use images and texts of an excessively sexual nature, draw one’s attention to the naked body parts, using close-up shots. The images and text materials of an erotic (pornographic) nature are absolutely forbidden.

  • Materials, containing elements and/or propaganda of violence, harassment of an individual or a group of individuals, as well as materials instigating victimization or intimidation.

  • Materials, advocating enmity, hatred, as well as discriminatory or disparaging attitude towards an individual or a group of individuals based on racial, national, religious and sex differences, and marital status.

  • Materials containing description and/or propaganda of consumption of narcotic drugs and anything related to that topic are inadmissible.

  • Materials, related to the advertisement or sale of ammunition and/or weapons, such as combat knives, firearms and their components, explosive mechanisms and/or explosive materials and their components.

  • The content of the advertisement must necessarily be in the language of the respective region.