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January 13, 2020

Web Push Template

In this article, we will discuss how to create, update and manage your Web Push Templates.

Web Push Notification Templates are reusable and support dynamic content as templates for other channels at Wooxy. When you want to use them, simply select one and load it right into the Web Push Campaign Manager.

Things to know before you start:

  • IMPORTANT: You cannot create or manage Templates until the domain is added and verified in your account.
  • Pay attention to the role of the account user, because not everyone has access to create and manage Templates. More details in our article.
  • The Web Push notification length is limited by the user’s browser and your website’s URL. 
  • The Template title should not exceed 64 characters because of browser limitations.
  • The Content of the Template should not exceed 240 characters because of browser limitations.
  • The recommended size for icon images: 128×128 pixels.
  • Available extensions for the icon images – PNG, JPEG, GIF.
  • The maximum icon image size is – up to 200 Kb.
  • Up to 2 buttons can be added to the Template.
  • You can supplement the title and content of the Template and also the button title with variables and emojis. Variables are also available for click and button URLs.
  • IMPORTANT: Typically, the Wooxy domain is visible in the web push template preview. However, once a contact has been chosen and the template has been dispatched to their device, the domain where the contact opted for web push notifications will automatically replace this during display.

NOTE: Your push notifications will look different depending on your or your user’s browser. Some notifications use native notification centers, and others don’t — this also varies by browser and operating system.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Navigate to the Template Management page (Menu->Content->Templates).

  • Click on the “Create” button.

  • Select the “Web Push” channel.

  • Add a name for the Template.

  • Type in the push notification title.

  • Type in the message content text.

  • Add a final destination URL – where the user will be directed on click over template main area.

  • Upload a default icon image for your push notifications by pressing the “Add icon” button. For example, your website logo.

  • Add more content according to your business needs:

    • Big image (is only available for Windows OS). Add the image by pressing the “Add image” button. You can choose the image that already exists from the files section or upload it from the computer. NOTE: You can add one big image only. Available extensions for such images – PNG and JPEG.
    • Buttons. Type in the button title and URL. Add the second button by pressing the “Plus” button. NOTE: You can add up to 2 buttons in one Web Push Template. 
  • Click the “Save” button.

  • Manage your Existing Templates. You can edit and improve each of your Templates. Make sure to save your changes before exiting your edited Template.

The preview function is also available. You can write your Web Push message and see how it will be displayed at the same time for your clients on the right side of the editor. See details in our article.

Fundamental rules of use of the advertising network.

Prohibited materials:

  • Advertisements created on Wooxy Advertising Network should not contain illicit or illegal content specified by its rules, including the following:

    • Images and texts, used to create an advertising campaign, must fully comply with the advertising material and reality.
    • Images and texts, used in advertisement, should not contain political, religious, sexual, or any such materials.
    • It is categorically forbidden to use images or texts with shocking content or intimidating tactics.
    • It is prohibited to use profanity/curse words in the image, title and/or in the message of the campaign.
  • It is forbidden to use images and texts of an excessively sexual nature, draw one’s attention to the naked body parts, using close-up shots. The images and text materials of an erotic (pornographic) nature are absolutely forbidden.

  • Materials, containing elements and/or propaganda of violence, harassment of an individual or a group of individuals, as well as materials instigating victimization or intimidation.

  • Materials, advocating enmity, hatred, as well as discriminatory or disparaging attitudes towards an individual or a group of individuals based on racial, national, religious, and sex differences, and marital status.

  • Materials containing descriptions and/or propaganda of consumption of narcotic drugs and anything related to that topic are inadmissible.

  • Materials related to the advertisement or sale of ammunition and/or weapons, such as combat knives, firearms, and their components, explosive mechanisms and/or explosive materials and their components.