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Mary Haroutunian
March 24, 2023
Easter Marketing Campaign

Easter Marketing Campaign

Spring has sprung, and one of the fun, colorful holidays is just around the corner. It’s time to start your Easter egg hunt by filling up your basket with eggcellent marketing ideas to increase your revenue.

NRF predicts Easter sales will jump to $24 billion this year, with average spending of $192. This presents a chance to promote products/services, increase brand awareness, and drive sales. 

Marketers already know that one of the most effective yet inexpensive ways to achieve that is with email marketing. That’s why we at did a lot of digging to come up with the best Easter email messages. On top of that, we reveal how email automation can help you hunt Easter goodies (aka more sales). So, let’s hop to it! 

Planning an Easter Marketing Campaign

Just like any other holiday season campaign, Easter ones can help businesses leverage excitement and anticipation of this holiday and drive traffic. Besides, with the right marketing strategy, you can increase customer engagement and build brand loyalty.

To chirp your way into the hearts of your customers, follow these tips for Easter email messages:     

1. Gamify your Easter email messages

Gamification is a popular way to keep your customers engaged and spark the interest of new clients. In your Easter email newsletter, bless your customers with creative game ideas (such as spinning the wheel to get a reward, searching for eggs to collect bunny treasures, etc.).


This is where our template builder comes into play to help you create brilliant gamified templates. Start your free trial account today and unleash the power of creative, aesthetic newsletters.  

2. Offer Easter-themed products/services and festive content

Customize your offers to reflect the spirit of this holiday. Choose the template builder (Editing options are Drag and Drop, your own HTML, Rich Text Editor, or Stripo integration) and customize it to your liking.


You may also create Easter-themed baskets and sell them on your online store. Moreover, you can decorate your landing page with pastel-colored, juvenile designs to display your Easter-special deals.

In addition, don’t forget that your content should be light, spring-inspired, and creative. 

3. Automate your email campaign

It won’t be enough to stress the effectiveness of email marketing and its use in different industries. A cheap and efficient marketing channel to target your customers and send relevant messages. 

And the cherry on top is using marketing automation tools, to be covered in-depth in the upcoming paragraph, so stay with us!

How to Send Automated Easter Email Messages?

With the rise of marketing automation, businesses can now take advantage of this holiday to create targeted, personalized campaigns. Email campaigns are triggered by specific actions or events, such as abandoned carts, making a purchase, signing up for newsletters, birthdays, etc. 

So, let’s go down the rabbit hole of marketing automation to unearth more of its benefits and advanced functionalities for your Easter campaign. 


Email automation allows businesses to personalize emails based on customer behavior, such as past purchases or website activity. As a result, it helps to increase the relevance of the email and improve the chances of customer engagement: 


Easter Scenario: A customer previously purchased Easter-themed products. In this case, you can email personalized product recommendations based on past purchases. Alternatively, a customer who has shown interest in a specific product category, such as Easter candy, could receive an email highlighting the latest offerings in that category.


One of the greatest advantages of email automation platforms has to be segmentation. You can segment your contact list based on specific criteria, such as location, interests, or past purchases. This is a real deal breaker for businesses to create targeted email campaigns that are more relevant and engaging for their customers.

Easter Scenario: Customer buys an Easter-themed product which triggers the post-purchase email about relevant product offers. This is a perfect time to upsell or cross-sell useful add-ons while making extra cash.  


At, you can send emails at specific times, such as when a customer is most likely to open or engage with the email. This helps to improve the effectiveness of the campaign and increase the chances of a customer taking action, such as making a purchase.


Easter Scenario: Businesses can start the Easter campaign in the weeks leading up to the holiday. The final reminder email will be sent a day or two before Easter Sunday. By timing the emails strategically, businesses increase customers’ chances of purchasing.

Automated Follow-ups

Follow-ups remind and encourage customers to take quick action. It’s a goldmine if you find an all-in-one automation that sends targeted reminders not just via email but other channels too. On top of emails, allows omnichannel communication via SMS, Web Push, and Telegram

Easter Scenario: A customer receives a discount code for their Easter shopping. If the targeted customers didn’t open, you might set up a wait filter with the system, say two days, and send a last-chance SMS reminder about their offer. 

Ready-made Scenarios

Holidays are a busy time for businesses, and every company needs to save a bit of their creative energy on mundane tasks. We got your back!

A vast list of ready-made workflows with templates, including this eggstraordinary one, awaits you in our Marketplace. You are free to make the necessary changes to these triggered scenarios

Easter Scenario: You need to launch a powerful email campaign, but you are in a hurry during this busy period (who isn’t?). Take the easy way out by simply downloading an already-made workflow with its templates and making slight changes to it. 

To wind up

Easter is all about changes and fresh starts. To create an effective campaign, it is crucial to include certain elements in your Easter email messages and target your audience using the right automation software. 

Businesses can drive more sales, increase customer loyalty and save a lot of time by following these steps:

  • Personalizing and segmenting messages
  • Timing them strategically
  • Automating reminders via different channels
  • Using ready-made scenarios
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